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Leading others is a privilege and is not easy. Great leaders may be born, not made, but they do require some assembly. JTP Advisors works with a select group of talented individuals committed to being not good leaders but great leaders. Our coaching model encompasses every aspect of leadership, beginning with effective self-leadership, team leadership, organizational leadership, and industry leadership. If you or a team member is ready to accept the challenge of becoming a great leader, we are ready to speak with you.


Executive Effectiveness 

Next Generation Rising Stars Action Plan

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Anu Bag, State of Indiana

"Jim has an incredible strategic vision and a tremendous capacity to operationalize transformative changes. Jim leads with authority, authenticity, and integrity, and his capacity to provide executive leadership is of the highest caliber. Jim is one of the most effective leaders I know - pleasant, humble, highly disciplined, exceptionally dignified, and dedicated to coaching and mentoring the next generation of leaders. I owe much of my success to Jim, who gave me a chance and coached me to achieve my potential."


"The more you live in the present moment, the more you will appreciate life."

-Eckhart Tolle


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